Ameer Abdullah Scouting Report

Ameer Abdullah 5-9 195 Senior rb Nebraska

He is a highly productive player who rushed for 1,000 yards 3 times in his college career. Also played on the return teams and caught double digit passes in each of the last 3 seasons.

+ has a compact and athletic frame
+ very patient runner
+ good vision to find holes and cutback in space
+accelerates quickly to top speed
+ very good change of direction skills
+can scoot through a small hole
+not afraid to lower shoulder or stick it up the middle to gain a few tough yards
+a threat catching the ball and immediately turns it upfield and uses blockers well downfield
+Versatile player who also lined up in the slot and was a return man as well
+displays great balance as a runner and is able to run through arm tackles and absorb initial contact and keep his legs churning
+good speed

Needs to improve in pass protection
Occasionally will dance a bit

Overall, Ameer Abdullah is a very intriguing running back prospect. He possesses the speed, agility, vision, and hands to become a very productive NFL player. To be a 3 down back in the NFL though he is going to have to improve in pass protection. His ability to catch the ball and spread out in the slot was under utilized at Nebraska. He could make an immediate impact in the NFL with his dynamic skill set. I would look for him to be off the board towards the middle of round 2 ,depending on how many underclassmen rb’s declare.


Mike Davis Scouting Report

Mike Davis 5-9 220 Jr rb South Carolina

He has a strong powerful frame. He has had some nagging injuries over the last two years to his ribs, ankle,shoulder, and hamstring which have kept him out of a few ball games.

A powerful back who excels at aggressively hitting the hole and getting North South. He uses his blockers well and shows pretty good overall vision. He is definitely not afraid of contact and lowers his shoulders and keeps his legs moving. He can break through arm tackles and slip through the pile as well.

Mike Davis has adequate speed, but accelerates to top speed very quickly. Although power is one part of his game, he also utilizes his feet and can make defenders miss. He can also utilize his blockers and vision and get to the edge at times.

One of his best qualities is his ability in the passing game. He has reliable hands and looks very natural catching the ball. He can adjust to the ball and immediately turns upfield to gain yards after the catch.

He needs to improve in pass protection and become more constant and aware as a pass protector. Overall, he is a good all around running back. His aggressive running style and getting in and out of the hole quickly ,while going north south translates well to the next level. He is not the most athletic running back around, but athletic and physical enough to consistently pick up chunks of yardage and move the chains. His pass catching skills make him a weapon on every down out of the backfield. He has had some nagging injuries that have slowed him a bit a South Carolina, which is a concern. He projects to be a late 2 nd or early third round pick.

Jamison Crowder Scouting Report

A highly productive player in his career at Duke. Not the biggest receiver around, but definitely has skills that could translate to the next level.

Reliable hands
Can extend to make play
Consistently comes back to the ball
Smooth route runner in and out of breaks
Deceptive subtle route runner
Good change of direction skills
Versatile player has also been a return man
Very efficient on short to intermediate routes
Is able to find the soft spots in the defense
Very good body control and awareness
Not a burner,enough speed though
Ability to get off the line quickly and locate ball in the air

Has a slight frame
Often goes down on first contact
Willing blocker,but needs to work on that area

Bottom Line
Jamison Crowder isn’t the biggest receiver around, but he uses his quickness, ball skills,hands, and versatility to make up for his lack of size. His change of direction and route running skills were impressive as well.He won’t be one of the first receivers taken in the draft, however he could be a contributor in the NFL for years to come as a slot receiver and special teams player.

Eric Ebron Scouting Report

Eric Ebron 6-4 250

He followed up a 40 reception sophomore year with a 62 catch Junior season. Ebron gained 943 yards on 62 catches and scored 3 touchdowns.

  •  lean athletic frame
  • gets off of the line of scrimmage quickly
  • accelerates quickly to top speed.
  • very good speed and athletic ability for his size
  • can stretch the field on intermediate and deep routes
  • very good ball skills/ can locate ball/ high point and make plays in traffic
  • at times his hands are a little inconsistent, overall pretty reliable hands
  • experience lining up off the line and on the line as a TE
  • a threat after the catch to make a big play
  • willing blocker /however needs to improve technique and especially hand placement
  • not afraid to go over the middle and take a hit
  • very effective at high pointing the ball and going up to make plays in the air
  • good overall awareness/is able to find the soft spots in the coverage

Eric Ebron is a tremendous athlete for his size. His combination of size and athleticism makes him a dangerous threat in the passing game.  He needs to improve his blocking and be more consistent down the field and as an inline blocker.  He can stretch the field with his speed and agility. He demonstrates impressive ball skills. At times he will drop an easy catch, but make a difficult catch in traffic. He had inconsistent quarterback play throughout the year, but showed the ability to adjust and make a play on the ball. With continued development he could emerge as one of the better tight ends in the league. He should have an impressive showing at the combine during speed and agility drills as well. He projects to be a mid to late first rounder.

He would definitely add some excitement to the Jets offense. He would be a great weapon for Geno Smith to throw to. He should garner strong consideration  from the Jets if he is still on the board when they select in the first round.

Jace Amaro Scouting Report

Jace Amaro 6-5 260 Texas Tech Te

He had a breakout Jr season for the Red Raiders.  He caught 106 passes for 1352 yards and 7 touchdowns.

  • has a big frame
  • show the ability to block downfield and on the edge
  • uses hands well when blocking/shows good aggressiveness and toughness as a blocker
  • has the occasional drop, however overall has strong reliable hands
  • is able to make plays in traffic and maintain possession after taking a hit
  • uses hos body very well to shield defenders
  • shows good acceleration and the ability to turn up field after the catch and gain yards after the catch
  • very good at finding the soft spots in the zone coverage and exploiting them
  • displays good ball skills and awareness
  • played primarily as a detached tight end/ did have limited experience on the line of scrimmage
  • too fast for linebackers, to big for defensive backs
  • not a burner ,but a very good athlete for his size
  • can stretch the field on short to intermediate routes and a threat after the catch

Overall I was very impressed with Jace Amaro. He is not your typical in line tight end. Although he played primarily off the line at Texas Tech he did show the ability in limited snaps to be an in line blocker. I was very impressed with his blocking overall. He is a versatile player who can lineup in a variety of spots on the field. He should also do very well at the combine in the speed and agility drills. He projects to be off the board by the late 1st round.

The Jets could definitely benefit from drafting Amaro. He would be a instant weapon for Geno Smith to throw to. His versatility will cause match up problems for defenses. In the right system he could blossom into a very good all around player.

Taylor Lewan Scouting Report

Taylor Lewan

Taylor Lewan

Sr Left Tackle Michigan

6-8 315



run blocking:

Ÿcomes off the ball quickly

Ÿ intitiates contact with the defender and uses hands to do so

Ÿexcels at getting to the second level and using his long arms and powerful build to drive defenders

Ÿcan turn and seal defenders

Ÿshowed enough foot quickness and athletic ability to be effective at pulling

Ÿgood overall effort and motor

Ÿ due to occassionaly playing high ,doesn’t always use his lower body stregnth to drive defenders

Ÿat times is unable to sustain proper technigue and posture throughout the block


pass blocking

Ÿshows good overall awareness on the line

Ÿrecognizes edge blitz and is able to slide and protect edge

Ÿunderstands where the quarterback is and adjusts his blocking to suite the play

Ÿhe is able to get set quickly after the snap of the ball

Ÿdoes a good job of initiating contact with his hands and using his long arms to lock into defender

Ÿplays with a good base and is able to mirror defenders

Ÿhas active hands and flashes the ability to have a powerful hand punch

Ÿshows good overall strength and the ability to recover if initially beaten

Ÿat times he will play a little flat footed and not stay on his toes

Ÿoccasionally reaches or lunges resulting in him going off balance and limits the effectiveness of his  block

Ÿoccasionally will overset  to the outside, leaving him susceptible to inside moves


He has shown improvement from his junior year to his senior year. He is showing better posture and knee bend in pass protection. One thing that jumped out at me was that he was very athletic for his size. He shows the ability to get downfield on screen plays and running plays. He displays the ability to quickly get off the line and use his hands to engage the pass rusher and use his long arms and strength the keep them at bay.  His footwork and base in pass protection are very good. Overall he projects to be a quality left tackle at the next level. With continued improvement and consistency with his technique he could develop into a pro bowl caliber tackle.







Nick Harwell Scouting Report


Nick Harwell WR Kansas

He played wide receiver at Elkins High School (TX). In 2009 attended Air Force Academy Prep School.  In 2010 as a true freshman he caught 64 passes for 871 yards.  In 2011 the sophomore made team 97 receptions for 1,425 yards and 9 touchdowns.  This past season he caught 68 passes for 870 yards. He is a 2 time all MAC team selection.

He demonstrates reliable and consistent hands. Rarely drops a pass. He especially shows the ability to adjust to balls thrown low and make the reception.

Not afraid to go over the middle on short/intermediate routes. He is able to make receptions in traffic.  He shows the ability in man coverage to use feet and short route running abilities to get open.

He ran a lot of screens and underneath routes during his time at Miami OH. He was also effective running post and corner routes as well. On several occasions he was able to stretch the field on deep throws. Some of those big plays could be attributed to busted coverage. He has adequate speed, but may have trouble getting separation deep versus NFL defensive backs.

He shows good overall awareness. He works back to the quarterback and recognizes where he is on the field.

Although not the fastest or quickest receiver around, he is able to make initial defenders miss after the catch.  He does a good job of catching the ball and turning up field immediately.

At around 6 feet tall and 190 pounds he has adequate size of an NFL receiver. He has an athletic compact frame. He at times goes does easily after first contact.

He had tremendous production on the field during his three years starring for the Redhawks.  He is very adept at making catches in traffic, displays good awareness, and very reliable hands. He has adequate speed and is able to gain chunks of yardage versus zone coverage.  He excels with short and intermediate routes and shows good toughness by going over the middle and being able to absorb big hits and maintains possession of the ball while going to the ground.   He missed some time last year with an ankle injury. He was dismissed form Miami Oh this spring and transferred to Kansas.  He would be eligible to play immediately if he completes his undergraduate degree this summer under the graduate transfer rule. At the very least he projects to be a productive possession type receiver who excels at short to intermediate routes and catches just about anything thrown his way.