Cody Kessler Scouting Report



Cody Kessler                           USC            Quarterback

HT   6-1         Weight 215

A highly touted quarterback prospect from Centennial High School in Bakersfield, California. He was an early enrollee at USC and saw game action as a holder as a red-shirt freshman. He is a three year starter and has amassed over 10,000 passing yards during his career.

Mechanics.Has a quick release and is able to reset and deliver the ball.

Pocket presence Shows the ability to step up in the  pocket or slide to buy time, able to use legs to extend play.  Does not seem aware at times of pressure or blitzes.

Decision Making At times stares down receiver and benefited from a lot of one read type plays and many screens, check downs and short passes. Can be very decisive and locate the open man. Shows good poise in the face of pressure and attempts to make positive yardage plays out of potential sacks. Makes sound decisions with the football and man times takes what the defense gives him.

Mobility He has the ability to extend plays at times, but lacks the ability to make plays with his legs. Very adept at using a side step move to elude defenders in the backfield and keep the play alive.

Arm Strength Does not put a ton of zip on the ball consistently,. Struggles to drive the ball into tight areas on intermediate and deep type throws. Can get the ball downfield but relies more on timing and touch than arm strength. NFL defenders will close on those routes and make a play on the ball.This is why he could struggle to make intermediate and deep throws in the NFL.

Accuracy Very adept at making short to intermediate throws. Shows good touch,anticipation, and timing on short to intermediate throws. Struggles with the deep ball at times.

Projection As a pro prospect he doesn’t have nearly the upside of many other qb’s in his draft class. He could be selected in the middle rounds of the NFL draft and develop as a backup and eventual spot starter.

Fantasy Outlook Cody Kessler was a tremendously productive college quarterback. His game doesn’t seem like it will translate all that well to the NFL style of play. He could develop down the road into a spot starter type player, but currently probably doesn’t deserve a lot of fantasy attention unless you are in a deep dynasty type league.


Connor Cook Scouting Report


Connor Cook                          Michigan St                  Quarterback

HT  6-4          Weight 220

Mechanics Throws over the top. Shows the ability to plant his foot and drive the ball downfield. At times throws flatfooted and falls off of his back foot a bit.

Pocket presence Shows the ability to hang in the pocket and survey the field.  Works through progressions and isn’t afraid to take a hit and deliver the ball downfield. Doesn’t always step up in the pocket.  At times will drop eyes when pressured.Can use his legs to escape and buy some time, however doesn’t always feel the pressure coming.

Decision Making Shows the ability to take advantage of open spots on zone coverage and use pre-snap reads to deliver the ball decisively after he snap.  At times tries to force the ball into coverage or makes questionable decision s with the football,such as throwing late over the middle. At times stares down receivers and allows the defense the chance to jump the route or make a play on the ball.

Mobility Not a burner, shows the ability to roll-out and sprint to the edges to buy time to deliver the ball downfield. Isn’t going to win a track meet, does have some functional mobility to buy himself a split second more to make  a play with his arm.

Arm Strength Has enough of an arm to make all of the NFL throws. Can stretch the field vertically and fit the ball into tight windows on intermediate routes as well. Ball at times seems to wobble  a bit, doesn’t always have a tight spiral. Still able to zip ball into tight windows on short to intermediate routes.

Accuracy At times is erratic and ball tends to sail on throws especially those towards the sidelines. He can deliver accurate passes in stride with receivers. Flashes the ability to throw the ball on the move with accuracy, other times ball is low or behind receivers especially while under pressure.

Production a 3 year starter who has amassed almost 9000 yards in the air and over 70 touchdowns during his  highly decorated career with the Spartans. Has led Michigan State to 34 wins and just 4 losses as a starter.

Projection Connor Cook is pocket passing quarterback prospect. He shows enough mobility to roll and sprint out and with time deliver and accurate ball downfield. He displays enough arm strength to make NFL throws. Accuracy , especially under pressure has been inconsistent. Lower body mechanics such as falling off  to the side  as he throws and standing flat footed are partially to blame. His decision making is questionable at times and he doesn’t always correctly read linebacker coverage underneath. He is a second round type prospect who doesn’t appear to have a particularly high ceiling. With continued development he could become a solid starter in the league.

Fantasy Outlook Connor Cook will earn his points thru the air. He will get drafted high enough that he will be groomed to be a starter within the next few years. He probably won’t be much of a fantasy contributor as a rookie, but is a player to keep an eye on and to draft in dynasty type leagues.

Michael Campanaro Scouting Report

Michael Campanaro Redshirt Senior Wr
5-10 190 Wake Forest
Michael Campanaro starred at River Hill High School in Clarksville, Maryland on both sides of the ball. He redshirted as a true freshman in 2009. He played in 12 games as a redshirt freshman, returning 28 kickoffs and making 10 catches on the season. In 2011 the redshirt sophomore caught 73 passes for 833 yards and 2 touchdowns. This past season Campanaro made 79 receptions for736 yards and 6 touchdowns. He missed 2 games due to a hand injury.

He demonstrates good constant hands. He rarely drops a pass. He shows the ability to adjust to the ball thrown outside his frame and snatch it out of the air. He shows the ability to take a hit and maintain possession of the football.
He runs a lot of screens and underneath type routes. He has a knack for sitting down in coverage and exploiting the soft spot of a zone. He is a difficult matchup for linebackers due to his route running and short area quickness and footwork. He is very effective at picking up yards after the catch, by immediately turning up field and utilizing his vision and acceleration to gain yards.

He has good overall quickness and agility. He can change directions and make moves in the open field without losing any speed. He shows the ability to make the initial defender miss.
At about 5’10” he has adequate height for a slot receiver at the NFL level. He could add a little bulk to his frame.
He has shown a willingness to block. He has had experience in his career as an effective punt and kick returner.
Overall, Michael Campanaro is an intriguing and versatile slot receiver prospect. He has experience in the return game, on sweeps and designed wide reciever runs, and as a downfield short to intermediate and underneath receiver. He was highly productive for the Demon Deacons the last few seasons. He is very adept at getting open on short and intermediate routes. He also has good consistent hands paired with good quickness, acceleration, and speed. He can constantly pick up chunks of yardage and move the chains. With a healthy and productive senior season and offseason speed and agility testing, Campanaro could rapidly rise up draft boards.