2013 NFL Draft Grades: Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Draft Grade

1st  round (3rd pick) Dion Jordan De Oregon

The Dolphins traded with the Raiders to move into the 3rd overall spot. They traded the 12th overall pick and a second rounder to move up in the draft. Jordan is a tremendous all-around athlete.  If he develops he would make a tremendous pass rushing duo with Cameron Wake. I applaud the Dolphins for being aggressive and getting the player that they coveted.

2nd round(22nd pick) from the Colts in the Vontae Davis trade Jamar Taylor Cb Boise St.

He has decent size and good speed and athletic ability. He has a good chance of seeing significant playing time as a rookie.  This is one an area of need for the Dolphins and good value in the bottom third of the 2nd round.

3rd round (15th pick) Dallas Thomas OT Tennessee

An experienced college lineman.A versatile player who could possibly slide inside to guard. Adds depth and versatility to the Dolphins offensive line

3rd round (31st pick) Will Davis Cb Utah St

A pretty solid athlete, who needs to develop and work on his technique.   He has some upside and this pick also addresses a need for the Dolphins.

4th round(7th pick) Jelani Jenkins LB Florida

The Dolphins add depth to their linebacking core. Jenkins is a pretty solid all-around prospect.

4th round (9th pick) Dion Sims Te Michigan St

He is one of the better blocking tight ends in the draft, however he is not one dimensional by any means. He could be a good target for Tannehill. The Dolphins also addressed a need at the tight end position with this selcection.

5th round (31st pick) Mike Gillislee Rb Florida

Gillislee got his chance to see significant playing time as a senior at Florida and he did not disappoint. He is a good all-around running back. Although this wasn’t the most pressing need for the Dolphins, this pick represent s great value. Gillislee should contribute as a rookie.

5th round (33rd pick) Caleb Sturgis K Florida

An experienced and accomplished kicker out of the SEC. He shows pretty good leg strength and accuracy.

7th round (44th pick) Don Jones SS Arkansas St.

He is a very good overall athlete who adds some depth to the secondary. A good value pick late in the draft ,who with his athletic ability could surprise given some time to develop.

Overall the Dolphins addressed many of their glaring needs. They were aggressive in trading up for Dion Jordan. First round pick Dion Jordan could develop into an elite speed rusher off the edge. Mid to late rounders  Dallas Thomas,Mike Gillislee, Caleb Sturgis, Dion Sims,and Jelani Jenkins could all be contributors as rookies. Safety Don Jones has tremendous athletic ability and could surprise down the road.

Grade: A-


2013 NFL Draft Grades: New York Jets

New York Jets 2013 Draft Grade

1st (9th overall) Dee Milliner CB Alabama

Will contribute immediately and will most likely line up opposite Antonio Cromartie as a starting corner to begin the year. Good value and also addressed a need.

1st(13th overall) Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri

This pick was the centerpiece of the Darrelle Revis trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Richardson showed the ability to get off the lien and be a disruptive force in the backfield in his one season at Missouri. This pick was good value and also added depth to the defensive line.  The Jets are not strictly a 3-4 defensive team and have run 4-3 schemes as well. He should see significant playing time as a rookie.

2nd round (7th pick) Geno Smith QB West Virginia

Although this quarterback class overall was considered weaker than the past few drafts, quarterback is a position of need for the Jets. Getting Geno Smith in the second round was good value. He is not a finished product and will need some time to develop into a starter.

3rd round(10th pick) Brian Winters G Kent St

Winters is a physical and aggressive offensive line prospect.  He played tackle at Kent St, but projects to be kicked inside to guard.

4th round(9th pick) Traded to the New Orleans Saints for RB Chris Ivory

If Ivory can stay healthy and remain on the field this could turn into a steal for the Jets.

5th round (8th pick)  Oday Aboushi OT Virginia

He is an experienced player for the Cavaliers.  He could compete for playing time at right tackle. He provides depth along the line for the Jets.

6th round(10th pick) William Campbell OG Michigan

Campbell was a defensive tackle for the Wolverines during his career. He is apparently going to be converted to an offensive guard.  He will be a work in progress and take some time to develop.

7th round(9th pick) Tommy Bohannon FB Wake Forest

A weight room warrior, he also shows pretty good all-around skills. He could be a solid blocker, short yardage runner, and occasional pass catching threat in the right scheme.  This is a good value pick late in the draft.

Overall the Jets seemed to get pretty good value with each selection. They addressed some of their needs and really fortified their offensive and defensive lines.  They did not address tight end, safety, or pass rushing linebacker. They traded one of the best players in the league in Darrelle Revis ,but seem to be off to a good start at retooling the team. Overall they seem to be rebuilding and are a work in progress.

Grade: B+

NY Jets first round review

NY Jets First Round Feedback

The first 8 picks in the draft saw several of the Jets targets selected. There was a faint hope that Dion Jordan would see his stock slip. That hope ended when the Miami Dolphins jumped up into the number 3 spot in the draft and selected the pass rusher from Oregon.  During the draft process there had been a lot of buzz about the Jets interest in LSU pass rusher Barkevious Mingo.  The Cleveland Browns selected Mingo with the 6th pick in the draft, taking another pass rusher off of the Jets wish list.  The 7th pick resulted in athletic all around guard Jonathan Cooper being selected by the Arizona Cardinals. The Bills were on the clock and then a trade was announced. The Rams moved up from the 16th overall spot in the draft and leapfrogged the Jets. Tavon Austin was the selection.  There has been a lot of speculation leading up to and on draft day regarding the Jets interest in wide receiver Tavon Austin from West Virginia.  He measured out at around five feet nine inches and 175 pounds, a bit diminutive by NFL standards for a receiver, however his off the charts athletic and playmaking abilities saw his stock rise up draft boards.  The Rams selected Austin leaving the Jets without one of their main targets.

With the ninth pick in the draft the Jets selected Dee Milliner , cornerback from Alabama. Milliner is a good all-around cornerback prospect. There are some concerns about the number of surgeries he has had during his time at Alabama. He will not replace Darrrelle Revis, None will replace Darrelle Revis. He will form a very solid cornerback tandem with Antonio Cromartie and allow former first round pick Kyle Wilson to be in the nickel packages.

With the 13th pick in the draft the Jets focused on the defensive line and selected defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson from Missouri. Richardson was often times dominate at the University of Missouri this past season. He is a good defensive line prospect. I preferred Star Lotulelei from Utah because of his ability to play multiple positions, in multiple schemes.

At the end of the night the Jets had addressed two areas that needed to be strengthened. Although they did not address the offensive side of the ball in round one, they seemed to get pretty good overall value from their 2 first round selections.

In the second round I look for the jets to address the offensive line. They could possibly draft road grater Larry Warfod form Kentucky . They could also look to draft a quarterback of the future in the second round as well. Geno Smith, Matt Barkely, and Ryan Nassib are all possible targets. I would like to see the Jets wait on a quarterback until a little later in the draft and draft Zac Dysert or Tyler Wilson.

The jets solidified their defense in the first round of the draft. I look for the Jets to address other areas such as qb, offensive line, tight end, linebacker, and safety with the rest of the draft. They could also trade down in the second round to accumulate additional draft choices in the later rounds. There is hope and optimism among the low expectations for the 2013 season. The jets appear to be in rebuilding mode but are still deficient in several key areas on the field, most notably the quarterback position. Time will tell if Mark Sanchez can ignite his career and become a more effective quarterback. I am pleased that the Jets didn’t reach for a QB high in the draft and I am hopeful that they will use a later round selection to draft and develop one for the future instead.

NFL Draft Scouting Report: Barkevious Mingo

Barkevious Mingo De/LB LSU

Jr 6’4” 241 lbs.

Has  a long, lean ,athletic frame.

against the run

  • active hands to work off blocks
  • extends arms to stay off blocks
  • quick feet to get around blocks
  • needs to continue to get stronger , at times struggles when lineman get their hands locked into him
  • quick off the line and is able to get penetration into the backfield
  • at times is susceptible to the run due to wide edge rush moves
  • explosive off the line, great closing burst
  • can stretch running plays out/shows good pursuit and motor
  • great lateral quickness and overall athletic ability for size and position


Against the pass

  • quick off the snap
  • explosive quickness and first step
  • can beat lineman the edge before lineman are out of their stance
  • shows a variety of pass rush moves, needs to refine them a bit though
  • is able to actively take on double teams
  • quick feet, great change of direction and lateral quickness
  • great closing speed
  • smooth and athletic
  • very active hands
  • very good awareness, if unable to get to quarterback in time he attempts to bat down the ball or drop into coverage
  • on a few occasions demonstrated the ability to get hands on  the running back out of backfield , turn and run with him down the field on a wheel route
  • not afraid to hit the quarterback

He was a very durable player during his career at LSU. He only missed one game in 3 seasons for the Tigers. He showed the ability to put his hand in the ground as a down defensive end as well as stand up as an outside edge rusher.

Barkevious Mingo shows great overall athleticism. He is an explosive pass rusher who needs to continue to add strength and bulk to his frame. He shows a great first step off the lone and is able to accelerate quickly. He has great potential as a pass rusher and needs to become stronger, and work on his technique a bit vs the run to become an all-around player. He projects to be an outside linebacker at the next level. He has the potential to become an elite pass rusher in the NFL. He projects to be a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Scouting Report: Matt Elam

Matt Elam

Matt Elam 5’10” 200 lbs. JR
Safety Florida
Against the Run
• physical player ,looks to make the big hit
• very effective downhill player
• comfortable in the box or coming up from the secondary
• at times is a bit out of control and this results in broken tackles
• lowers pad level and does not shy away from contact
• shows good overall motor and pursuit
• shows good acceleration and closing speed to the ball
Against the Pass
• versatile player in the box or drop back safety
• shows the ability to highpoint the ball
• quickly diagnoses screen and flat plays and gets to the ball carrier
• big hitter, at times will lead with the shoulder instead of wrapping up
• good sideline to sideline pursuit
• Occasionally doesn’t get his head turned around in coverage
• lacks great speed to cover receivers and quicker tight ends down the field
• willingness to be physical at the line of scrimmage
• good awareness

• suffered a concussion in 2010 as a freshman

• as a freshman had a few arrests for underage drinking

• good all-around athlete

• big contributor on special teams as a gunner

• played in every game for the Gators the last two seasons

Matt Elam was a two year starter at safety for the Gators. He shows good versatility as a safety prospect. He can play in the box, cover the flat, or drop back into coverage. He has also shown he ability to cover the slot and use his hands to throw receives off their route. Despite not having ideal height for the position, he has a strong compact frame. He has good but not great straight line speed.However, he has very good acceleration and ball skills which allow him to recover and make plays after being initially beaten. He is a physical player who needs to consistently wrap up and not just go in for the big hit. At times he is a bit overaggressive and is able to get in the backfield but unable to make the tackle. He projects to be drafted in the early second round. He should be an immediate contributor as a rookie and could develop into a very good starting safety.

NFL Draft Scouting Report: T.J. McDonald

TJ McDonald

T.J. McDonald Sr Safety USC
6’2” 211lbs.
Against the Run
He shows the ability to come up from the safety position and make a tackle on the running back. He shows pretty good speed and the ability to be physical. At times he is a physical player looking to make the big hit. At other times he relies too much on arm tackles and has his share of broken tackles. At times he takes bad angles and is a bit hesitant and slow to react to plays. He does show good pursuit across the field and pretty good closing speed as well. At times he is overaggressive and takes himself out of plays.
Against the Pass
He is a good overall athlete and shows good range for a safety. At times he takes several false steps and is hesitant in coverage. He occasionally gets caught peeking in the backfield. He shows the ability to read, react, and close on flat passes. He shows the ability to make the big hit and be a physical tackler. He shows the ability to cover running backs and tight ends. At times he was late giving help coverage down the field. He plays best when the action is in front of him. He shows the ability to locate the ball and make a play on the ball.

T.J. McDonald is a good overall athlete. He shows pretty good strength and speed. He was a very durable player in his 4 years at USC. He is an inconsistent overall tackler. At times he fails to wrap up when tackling. He shows the ability to cover backs and tight ends, however when he has to drop into coverage down field he seems to be late because of being hesitant and taking poor angles. He does show the ability to work sideline to sideline.
He should perform well on speed and agility drills at the combine.

Overall his play on the field doesn’t match up with his physical skills. He is a mid-round type prospect at this point. He could be a situational type player to begin his career. He also could make a contribution on special teams, being that he had several blocked field goals and punts during his time with the Trojans. He has the physical tools to be a significant contributor at the NFL level. It may take some time for him to develop his skills at the next level.

2013 NFL Mock Draft

#1 Kansas City Chiefs –Geno Smith QB West Virginia
With Andy Reid taking over for the Chiefs, they need a new face of the franchise on offense. Matt Cassell has not developed. Brady Quinn started a few games at the end of the season, but doesn’t appear to be the long term answer at the quarterback position either. Geno Smith is a good all-around quarterback prospect. He will have to adjust from the college system to a pro system, but he has good all round tools to become a pretty good starter for the Chiefs. I debated having the Chiefs address another need with this pick such as offensive tackle. In the end I feel like the Chiefs will address their other needs in free agency and the rest of the draft.

#2 Jacksonville Jaguars-Damontre Moore DE Texas A & M
The Jaguars drafted Blaine Gabbert in the 1st round a few years ago and he hasn’t developed in a qualitywill provide a pass rush and all around disruptive style to their team. He is physical and a great athlete for his size and position.

#3 Oakland Raiders-Star Lotulelei DT Utah
The Raiders like many teams seem to have a lot of positions that need to be upgraded. Lotulelei has great quickness and agility for his size. He will bolster the interior of the defense for the Raiders.

#4 Philadelphia Eagles-Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M
The Eagles offensive line struggled this year partly because of overall talent and partly because of injuries that caused the line to shuffle around each week. Luke Joeckel projects to be a pretty good left tackle and would add some stability and consistency to one of the most important positions on offense. He will be able to start from day 1.
#5 Detroit Lions- Dee Milliner-CB Alabama
Detroit had high hopes for a great season. This optimism turned to great disappointment by the end of the season. The secondary is an area that needs to be upgraded. It’s a bit early to take a defensive back. However, Dee milliner is the best corner available and will immediately upgrade the secondary for the Lions.
#6 Cleveland Browns- Bjorn Werner DE Florida St
He immediately bolsters the Browns pass rush. He shows very good quickness off the ball.
#7 Arizona Cardinals Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan
The Cardinals are in a great spot here with the 7th overall pick. They have their choice of a quarterback or offensive lineman. I think they consider a Qb here possibly Tyler Wilson, but at the end of the day draft another need and address their offensive line. Fisher is a very good LT prospect and has all the tools to become a very good left tackle in the NFL. He is better value at this point than drafting Tyler Wilson or another Qb. I think the Cardinals address their Qb needs in the 2nd round and also look to add a veteran QB in free agency.
#8 Buffalo Bills- Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas
Ryan Fitzpatrick struggled this past season for the Bills. The Bills could also consider drafting for defense with his pick. They are especially thin at LB. The bills select Tyler Wilson to e their quarterback for the next decade. He had a difficult senior season at Arkansas, but still has good all-around tools and showed his toughness and resilience throughout his senior season.
#9 NY Jets- Barkevious Mingo LB LSU
Mark Sanchez appears a certainty to return next season due to his huge cap number and the new front office looking to reevaluate him. I think the Jets will sign a veteran Quarterback in Free agency and draft a Quarterback later in the draft to develop for the future. Mingo is a very good athlete and will immediately improve the Jets pass rush.
#10 Tennessee Titans- Chance Warmack OG Alabama
The Titans immediately improve the interior of their offensive line. Although this seems almost too high to draft an interior offensive lineman, Womack is a great prospect at guard.
#11 San Diego Chargers- Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma
The offensive line, the tackle spots in particular could use an upgrade. With Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher off the board the Chargers select Johnson, a former QB to help anchor the offensive line. He has had an impressive offseason thus far and projects to be a starting LT in the league.
#12 Miami Dolphins- Keenan Allen WR California
With Jake Long possibly leaving during free agaency the Dolphins could use a tackle to bolster their line. However, with Lane Johnson being drafted with the previous pick they bolster their receiving core instead. Ryan Tannehill showed promise as a rookie quarterback. Allen will give Tannehill a very good all-around receiving target to throw to.
#13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Johnathan Banks CB Mississippi St
The Bucs secondary was one of the league’s worst this past season. Banks will upgrade their talent at the cornerback position and make an immediate impact as a rookie.
#14 Carolina Panthers-Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri
The Panthers address a major need area and select the very athletic Richardson. He was very productive in his only season with the Tigers. He shows the ability to get into the backfield and also get pressure on the quarterback as an interior lineman.
#15 New Orleans Saints- Dion Jordan LB/DE Oregon
Jordan is a tremendous all-around athlete. He has tremendous athletic ability and potential, but will take some time to develop at the next level.
#16 St Louis Rams- Eric Reid FS LSU
The Rams could also look to draft a wide receiver here to bolster their receiving core as well. After using their 2nd and 4th round picks a season ago to address needs at the wide receiver position, I think the Rams go in another direction and address their receiving core in free agency and later on in the draft. Reid fills a need in the secondary.
#17 Pittsburgh Steelers- Jarvis Jones LB Georgia
The Steelers need to get to the quarterback more than they did last season. Jones is a premier player who has top 5 talent. He slips to the 17th pick because of spinal stenosis that could limit the length of his playing career. He is a great athlete and shows great burst and closing speed. He will immediately upgrade the Steelers pass rush.
#18 Dallas Cowboys- D.J. Fluker OT Alabama
Fluker is a huge player who played RT this past season .He may need to kick inside and play an interior line position. HE will fill a need for the Cowboys. They could also look at OG form North Carolina Jonathan Cooper could be in play with this pick as well.
#19 NY Giants- Manti Te’o LB Notre Dame
Keith Rivers and Chase Blackburn are free agents. They address and upgrade a need position. Te’o is a good all-around linebacker prospect. Te Giants take a look at LB Alec Ogeltree from Georgia as well with this pick. The former safety has a higher ceiling than Te’o ,but is not as sound in the run game as Te’o is.
#20 Chicago Bears- Alec Ogeltree LB Georgia
Nick Roach and Brian Urlacher are free agents. Ogeltree is a great athlete who is still learning the nuances of playing linebacker. He struggles at times vs the run and needs to add strength and bulk to his frame. He excels in coverage and shows a quick burst and the ability to get pressure on the quarterback.
#21 Cincinnati Bengals –Kenny Vaccaro S Texas
Ben Jarvis Green Ellis was the Bengals primary ball carrier last season. They could look to upgrade the running back position at this point in the draft. However, the running back class is very deep this year and they will address their backfield need later in the draft.
#22 St. Louis Rams- WR Cordarelle Patterson Tennessee
The Rams address their need at wide receiver and draft a dynamic athlete in Patterson. He only played one season at Tennessee , but his blend of speed, agility, and size is very rare to find. He will take a little bit of time to develop, but has tremendous potential to be a number one receiver and make a major impact for the Rams.
#23 Minnesota Vikings-Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina
They have a hole at wide receiver across form Percy Harvin, but decide to bolster their interior defense. They could also look at Jonathan Hankins from Ohio St or Shariff Floyd from Florida with this pick as well.
#24 Indianapolis Colts –Jonathan Cooper G North Carolina
Cooper is very good value at this point in the draft and upgrades the interior line unit.
#25 Seattle Seahawks- DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson
Hopkins provides a quick big play target for Russell Wilson to throw to. Not the biggest or fastest receiver in the draft he relies on good quickness, acceleration, and ball skills to continually make plays.
#26 Green Bay Packers- Justin Hunter Wr Tennessee
With Greg Jennings possibly leaving during free agency the Packers fill a need with this pick. Hunter has not fully recovered from a knee injury he suffered in 2011. He has good size, speed, and play-making ability and is a good value here. The Packers could also draft a running back with this pick. I feel like they will address the running back position later on in the draft.
#27 Houston Texans- Kevin Minter LB LSU
They address a need at linebacker opposite Brian Cushing.
#28 Denver Broncos-Johnathan Hankins DT Ohio St
The Broncos upgrade their interior defensive line after Hankins slides a bit in the first round.
#29 New England Patriots- Tavon Austin WR West Virginia
Although Austin lacks ideal height and strength he is a play maker with great agility, acceleration, and cutback ability. He is a dangerous threat each time he touches the ball.
# 30 Atlanta Falcons- Kawann Short DT Purdue.
They upgrade their defensive lien and add depth with the very consistent Short.
#31 San Francisco 49ers- John Jenkins DT Georgia
A huge nose tackle, who can bolster the run defense.
#32 Baltimore Ravens-Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU