Josh Doctson Scouting Report

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Christian

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Josh Doctson                               WR            TCU

6-3         195

A broken wrist cut short his senior season, yet he was still able to catch 79 passes for 1,327 yards and 14 touchdowns. He finished his career at TCU with 215 receptions for 3,178 yards and 34 touchdowns.

At around 6’3″ he has a tall, lean, and athletic frame. He shows the ability to get off the line of scrimmage and utilize subtle moves to get to where he wants to go. He is able to manipulate defenders and utilizes his hands to get off of press coverage and get the desired release. He also uses his feet to quickly change directions and set up defenders.  For example, against outside leverage press coverage he can make a sudden move inside, the defender takes a step inside and then he slaps the arms of the defender down and breaks back outside. Once into his route he shows the ability to quickly make breaks and deceive defenders again. He pumps his arms and then can make sharp breaks to create separation and often times turning defenders around and leaving them out of position.

Against zone coverage where defenders are often times bailing, he is able to patiently set up his route. He is able to finds the soft spot in the zone and is very adept of anticipating where the linebackers will be dropping and clearing past them and getting to the soft spot of the defense. Also, he is able to take advantage of the area between the corner back and the safety as he can exploit that area of the field as well.

When the ball is in the air and contested is where Doctson’s greatest strengths are found. He has a great knack for finding the ball in the air, being in good position, and adjusting to it at it’s highest point and utilizing his consistent hands to make the catch, secure it to his body, and maintain  possession through a hit or ground contact.

He shows great awareness and body control as he works sideline routes. He is able to catch the ball outside of his frame, get possession,and get his feet in bounds.

After the catch he routinely tries to get north-south and gain positive yards. He can try to shake a defender with a juke move or a head and shoulders fake as well. He consistently secures the ball in the appropriate hand and takes care of the football. He is not afraid to lower his pad level and shoulder to gain a few extra yards.

At times he gives good effort as a blocker on the edge. He flashes the ability to breakdown an opponent, deliver a quick hand punch, and lock in maintain the block. At times though he is too high and is unable to sustain the block.

He demonstrates skills of a good all around receiver. He has several areas he can improve in:

  • overall consistency and effort as a blocker
  • the occasional easy drop due to lack of concentration
  • being more precise with his routes, at times will round routes and get too deep in a route, or sail a bit after his break
  • plays after the catch

Injury Concern: Missed the last part of the season with a broken wrist.

Draft Outlook 

Josh Doctson was an extremely productive college receiver who has many skills that will translate well to the NFL level. His ability to manipulate defenders with subtle breaks and moves, ball skills, awareness, and catch radius, will make  him an early round selection. Although not a burner, he has enough speed to create separation and be a vertical threat.

Fantasy Outlook

Josh Doctson will be in the first tier of receivers drafted. He is a player who could be  a solid contributor as a rookie. However, historically like most rookie wide receivers, it will take some time until he puts up the numbers he is capable of. He is definitely a worthy selection in  your fantasy league and a  very early  selection in your dynasty rookie draft.



Connor Cook Scouting Report


Connor Cook                          Michigan St                  Quarterback

HT  6-4          Weight 220

Mechanics Throws over the top. Shows the ability to plant his foot and drive the ball downfield. At times throws flatfooted and falls off of his back foot a bit.

Pocket presence Shows the ability to hang in the pocket and survey the field.  Works through progressions and isn’t afraid to take a hit and deliver the ball downfield. Doesn’t always step up in the pocket.  At times will drop eyes when pressured.Can use his legs to escape and buy some time, however doesn’t always feel the pressure coming.

Decision Making Shows the ability to take advantage of open spots on zone coverage and use pre-snap reads to deliver the ball decisively after he snap.  At times tries to force the ball into coverage or makes questionable decision s with the football,such as throwing late over the middle. At times stares down receivers and allows the defense the chance to jump the route or make a play on the ball.

Mobility Not a burner, shows the ability to roll-out and sprint to the edges to buy time to deliver the ball downfield. Isn’t going to win a track meet, does have some functional mobility to buy himself a split second more to make  a play with his arm.

Arm Strength Has enough of an arm to make all of the NFL throws. Can stretch the field vertically and fit the ball into tight windows on intermediate routes as well. Ball at times seems to wobble  a bit, doesn’t always have a tight spiral. Still able to zip ball into tight windows on short to intermediate routes.

Accuracy At times is erratic and ball tends to sail on throws especially those towards the sidelines. He can deliver accurate passes in stride with receivers. Flashes the ability to throw the ball on the move with accuracy, other times ball is low or behind receivers especially while under pressure.

Production a 3 year starter who has amassed almost 9000 yards in the air and over 70 touchdowns during his  highly decorated career with the Spartans. Has led Michigan State to 34 wins and just 4 losses as a starter.

Projection Connor Cook is pocket passing quarterback prospect. He shows enough mobility to roll and sprint out and with time deliver and accurate ball downfield. He displays enough arm strength to make NFL throws. Accuracy , especially under pressure has been inconsistent. Lower body mechanics such as falling off  to the side  as he throws and standing flat footed are partially to blame. His decision making is questionable at times and he doesn’t always correctly read linebacker coverage underneath. He is a second round type prospect who doesn’t appear to have a particularly high ceiling. With continued development he could become a solid starter in the league.

Fantasy Outlook Connor Cook will earn his points thru the air. He will get drafted high enough that he will be groomed to be a starter within the next few years. He probably won’t be much of a fantasy contributor as a rookie, but is a player to keep an eye on and to draft in dynasty type leagues.

Mike Davis Scouting Report

Mike Davis 5-9 220 Jr rb South Carolina

He has a strong powerful frame. He has had some nagging injuries over the last two years to his ribs, ankle,shoulder, and hamstring which have kept him out of a few ball games.

A powerful back who excels at aggressively hitting the hole and getting North South. He uses his blockers well and shows pretty good overall vision. He is definitely not afraid of contact and lowers his shoulders and keeps his legs moving. He can break through arm tackles and slip through the pile as well.

Mike Davis has adequate speed, but accelerates to top speed very quickly. Although power is one part of his game, he also utilizes his feet and can make defenders miss. He can also utilize his blockers and vision and get to the edge at times.

One of his best qualities is his ability in the passing game. He has reliable hands and looks very natural catching the ball. He can adjust to the ball and immediately turns upfield to gain yards after the catch.

He needs to improve in pass protection and become more constant and aware as a pass protector. Overall, he is a good all around running back. His aggressive running style and getting in and out of the hole quickly ,while going north south translates well to the next level. He is not the most athletic running back around, but athletic and physical enough to consistently pick up chunks of yardage and move the chains. His pass catching skills make him a weapon on every down out of the backfield. He has had some nagging injuries that have slowed him a bit a South Carolina, which is a concern. He projects to be a late 2 nd or early third round pick.

Nick Harwell Scouting Report


Nick Harwell WR Kansas

He played wide receiver at Elkins High School (TX). In 2009 attended Air Force Academy Prep School.  In 2010 as a true freshman he caught 64 passes for 871 yards.  In 2011 the sophomore made team 97 receptions for 1,425 yards and 9 touchdowns.  This past season he caught 68 passes for 870 yards. He is a 2 time all MAC team selection.

He demonstrates reliable and consistent hands. Rarely drops a pass. He especially shows the ability to adjust to balls thrown low and make the reception.

Not afraid to go over the middle on short/intermediate routes. He is able to make receptions in traffic.  He shows the ability in man coverage to use feet and short route running abilities to get open.

He ran a lot of screens and underneath routes during his time at Miami OH. He was also effective running post and corner routes as well. On several occasions he was able to stretch the field on deep throws. Some of those big plays could be attributed to busted coverage. He has adequate speed, but may have trouble getting separation deep versus NFL defensive backs.

He shows good overall awareness. He works back to the quarterback and recognizes where he is on the field.

Although not the fastest or quickest receiver around, he is able to make initial defenders miss after the catch.  He does a good job of catching the ball and turning up field immediately.

At around 6 feet tall and 190 pounds he has adequate size of an NFL receiver. He has an athletic compact frame. He at times goes does easily after first contact.

He had tremendous production on the field during his three years starring for the Redhawks.  He is very adept at making catches in traffic, displays good awareness, and very reliable hands. He has adequate speed and is able to gain chunks of yardage versus zone coverage.  He excels with short and intermediate routes and shows good toughness by going over the middle and being able to absorb big hits and maintains possession of the ball while going to the ground.   He missed some time last year with an ankle injury. He was dismissed form Miami Oh this spring and transferred to Kansas.  He would be eligible to play immediately if he completes his undergraduate degree this summer under the graduate transfer rule. At the very least he projects to be a productive possession type receiver who excels at short to intermediate routes and catches just about anything thrown his way.

David Fales Scouting Report


David Fales RS Sr Quarterback
6-2 220

He began his collegiate career at Nevada. After one season with the Wolfpack he transferred to Monterey Peninsula College. He starred there for 2 seasons before transferring to San Jose State. This past season Fales completed 73% of his passes on his way to racking up 4,193 passing yards. He threw 33 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. On 7 occasions this season he threw for over 300 yards. He earned 2nd team All WAC Conference Honors.

• pretty good size for the position/adequate height
• displays pretty good footwork
• he displays slightly above average mobility
• he can buy time with his legs and gain a few yards by tucking if needed
• very accurate throwing on the run and on rollouts and bootlegs
• good overall accuracy and anticipation
• he is not afraid of taking a hit
• above average arm strength
• He displays pretty good ball placement on short and intermediate routes. At times on deep routes a bit underthrown or wr has to adjust
• does well at throwing back shoulder type throws
• Recognizes coverages and knows where to go with the ball. can really exploit one on one coverage or go underneath and eat up the zone as well
• he features a pretty quick release
• very effective throwing down the seam of a defense
• he shows the ability to put air under the ball and allow his receivers to make a play
• he shows the ability to drive the ball into tight coverage on short and intermediate routes when needed.
• showed the ability to work through progressions, however many of his passes were one read type plays
• at times his throwing motion is not a classic over the top motion . He comes from the side a little bit
• occasionally will fall off to the side while throwing
• needs to work on recognizing and dealing with blitzes
• on occasion puts too much air under the ball and allows the defense a chance to make a play on the ball

Overall I was impressed with his decision making and ability to exploit the defense. He is a well-rounded quarterback prospect. He did play primarily out of the shotgun and a good amount of his throws were within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. However he can definitely stretch the field. He projects to be one of the top quarterbacks available in the 2014 NFL draft.

2013 NFL Draft Grades: Buffalo Bills

2013 NFL Draft Grades: Buffalo Bills

1st round(16th pick) Traded down from the 9th overall pick.  EJ Manuel Quarterback Florida St

The Bills picked up an extra second round pick from the Rams by trading out of the top 10. With the 16th pick they pulled the trigger on EJ Manual. This pick has been criticized as a reach, however I feel like they got the player they obviously wanted and netted an extra second round pick in the process. EJ Manual has all of the physical tools to be a good starting qb, he needs to develop his quarterbacking skills. We don’t know if he will reach his potential, the Bills are banking on that potential.

2nd round(pick 9) Robert Woods Wr USC

The Bills needed a Wr to pair with Steve Johnson. Robert Woods was a highly productive college player who despite not being a burner is a good all-around receiving target who can make some plays after the catch.

2nd round (pick 14) acquired from the Rams/ Kiko Alonso LB Oregon

The Bills bolstered their linebacking core with this selection.  They also addressed one of their needs. Alonso is athletic and physical and at this point in the draft is decent value.

3rd round (pick 16) Marquise Goodwin Wr Texas

Goodwin blew up the combine when he ran in the high 4.2’s. His speed is unquestioned. He didn’t catch a lot of passes during his time with the Longhorns. He definitely upgrades the receiving unit’s speed and explosiveness. It will be interesting to watch the Bills find ways for him to get the ball in his hands.

4th round pick(8th pick) Duke Williams FS Nevada

With this pick they addressed a need at the safety position. This is good value in the 4th round. Duke Williams is a very good overall athlete who is versatile enough to play either safety position. He is a solid tackler who helped in run support quite a bit during his time at Nevada.

5th round pick (10th pick) Jonathan Meeks Db Clemson

He adds depth to the secondary.

6th round pick(9th pick) Dustin Hopkins Kicker Florida St

A highly decorated college kicker during his career at Florida St. He has a powerful and leg and has sown shown good accuracy and consistency throughout his career.

7th round pick (16th pick) Chris Gragg TE Arkansas

He is a bit of an undersized receiving tight end. He was lined up in various positions on the field during his career. He is a versatile player who if he can develop could turn out to be a great pick.

Overall the Bills addressed many of their glaring needs. They were able to trade back in the 1st round and pick up an extra second round draft pick as well. They added athleticism to the team as well. Although I didn’t think EJ Manual was a mid-first round pick, r based off of his physical traits and potential he is. Duke Williams could turn out to be a 4th round steal.

Grade: B

NY Jets first round review

NY Jets First Round Feedback

The first 8 picks in the draft saw several of the Jets targets selected. There was a faint hope that Dion Jordan would see his stock slip. That hope ended when the Miami Dolphins jumped up into the number 3 spot in the draft and selected the pass rusher from Oregon.  During the draft process there had been a lot of buzz about the Jets interest in LSU pass rusher Barkevious Mingo.  The Cleveland Browns selected Mingo with the 6th pick in the draft, taking another pass rusher off of the Jets wish list.  The 7th pick resulted in athletic all around guard Jonathan Cooper being selected by the Arizona Cardinals. The Bills were on the clock and then a trade was announced. The Rams moved up from the 16th overall spot in the draft and leapfrogged the Jets. Tavon Austin was the selection.  There has been a lot of speculation leading up to and on draft day regarding the Jets interest in wide receiver Tavon Austin from West Virginia.  He measured out at around five feet nine inches and 175 pounds, a bit diminutive by NFL standards for a receiver, however his off the charts athletic and playmaking abilities saw his stock rise up draft boards.  The Rams selected Austin leaving the Jets without one of their main targets.

With the ninth pick in the draft the Jets selected Dee Milliner , cornerback from Alabama. Milliner is a good all-around cornerback prospect. There are some concerns about the number of surgeries he has had during his time at Alabama. He will not replace Darrrelle Revis, None will replace Darrelle Revis. He will form a very solid cornerback tandem with Antonio Cromartie and allow former first round pick Kyle Wilson to be in the nickel packages.

With the 13th pick in the draft the Jets focused on the defensive line and selected defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson from Missouri. Richardson was often times dominate at the University of Missouri this past season. He is a good defensive line prospect. I preferred Star Lotulelei from Utah because of his ability to play multiple positions, in multiple schemes.

At the end of the night the Jets had addressed two areas that needed to be strengthened. Although they did not address the offensive side of the ball in round one, they seemed to get pretty good overall value from their 2 first round selections.

In the second round I look for the jets to address the offensive line. They could possibly draft road grater Larry Warfod form Kentucky . They could also look to draft a quarterback of the future in the second round as well. Geno Smith, Matt Barkely, and Ryan Nassib are all possible targets. I would like to see the Jets wait on a quarterback until a little later in the draft and draft Zac Dysert or Tyler Wilson.

The jets solidified their defense in the first round of the draft. I look for the Jets to address other areas such as qb, offensive line, tight end, linebacker, and safety with the rest of the draft. They could also trade down in the second round to accumulate additional draft choices in the later rounds. There is hope and optimism among the low expectations for the 2013 season. The jets appear to be in rebuilding mode but are still deficient in several key areas on the field, most notably the quarterback position. Time will tell if Mark Sanchez can ignite his career and become a more effective quarterback. I am pleased that the Jets didn’t reach for a QB high in the draft and I am hopeful that they will use a later round selection to draft and develop one for the future instead.