Justin Hardy Scouting Report

Justin Hardy 6-1 188 Sr Wr East Carolina

He has had a highly productive career with the Pirates. He has topped the 1000 yard recovering mark each oft he last 3 seasons. He has caught over 100 passes each of the last 2 seasons as well.

He has a lean athletic frame. He shows the ability to got off the line and create separation on short to intermediate routes with his short area quickness. At times he rounds off routes a bit. He is able to make quick cuts and create separation in and out of his routes. He is able to find the soft spots in zone coverage as well. After the catch he is a threat to make a defender miss and gain yardage after the catch. He has very good acceleration and reaches top speed quickly. He can stretch the field as well, but doesn’t always get a lot of separation deep, he relies more on his ball skills and body control at times when stretching the field.

He has pretty reliable hands overall. He uses his hands to reach out and snag the ball out of the air no matter where it is thrown. He does a good job of coming back to the ball and shielding the defender with his body to make the play. He did drop a few routine type passes, but overall was very consistant.

He has tremendous ball skills. He has the ability to locate , adjust, and reel in the pass. He is able to do this with a defender draped al over him as well. He does not shy away from contact. He can adjust to balls outside of his frame and has a wide catch radius.

He is a good blocker for his position. He is a willing blocker on the edges and shows the abilit to block downfield and open up lanes. Needs to be a little more consistent with his blocking techniques.

He may not have the fastest 40 time Around, but his short area quickness and acceleration are very good. He is not afraid of going over the middle or making contact and shows good versatility as well. He is not going to post the fastest combine 40 time , but should perform very well At the Senior Bowl. Overall, he is a very good receiver prospect. He should come off the board somewhere in the 3rd round.


Jamison Crowder Scouting Report

A highly productive player in his career at Duke. Not the biggest receiver around, but definitely has skills that could translate to the next level.

Reliable hands
Can extend to make play
Consistently comes back to the ball
Smooth route runner in and out of breaks
Deceptive subtle route runner
Good change of direction skills
Versatile player has also been a return man
Very efficient on short to intermediate routes
Is able to find the soft spots in the defense
Very good body control and awareness
Not a burner,enough speed though
Ability to get off the line quickly and locate ball in the air

Has a slight frame
Often goes down on first contact
Willing blocker,but needs to work on that area

Bottom Line
Jamison Crowder isn’t the biggest receiver around, but he uses his quickness, ball skills,hands, and versatility to make up for his lack of size. His change of direction and route running skills were impressive as well.He won’t be one of the first receivers taken in the draft, however he could be a contributor in the NFL for years to come as a slot receiver and special teams player.

Montee Ball Scouting Report

montee-ballMontee Ball Sr running back Wisconsin 5-11 215

He shows average overall speed. He can make a defender miss and displays some wiggle. He accelerates quickly through the hole.

He is very comfortable running between the tackles and in traffic. He is patient to find the hole, and turns up into it and heads north- south. He shows good vision the ability to cutback. He is able to run through arm tackles and shows good leg drive. He can push the pile and gain extra yards after initial contact. He is an aggressive runner and lowers pad level and absorbs contact.

Is patient and uses blockers well to get the edge. Does not have great lateral quickness, but is savvy and uses his blockers well and can get to the edge and then turn up field north south. He shows the ability to cutback at the line and on the edge.

He is a willing pass blocker. He is able to pick up blitzes off the edge and up the middle. He is also effective at helping the lineman in pass protection. He gets in front of the defender and at times aggressively uses his hands. At times his technique is a bit inconsistent and he takes poor angles to the pass rusher and is a bit late.

He routinely uses his hands to make the catch. His receptions went down dramatically from his junior to senior season. He is not an explosive threat after the catch, but can pick up positive yards after the catch. He ran a lot of screen and flat or check down routes while at Wisconsin.

A workhouse type back who carried the ball 300 times each of the last two seasons. He has remained pretty healthy throughout his career and hasn’t missed a game in the last 2 seasons. He does not shy away from contact and consistently shows second effort and leg drive to gain extra yards. He shows good strength and the ability to break tackles and to aggressively take on defenders.

Bottom Line
Montee ball was a very productive player in his career for the Badgers. He lacks great speed but has good vision and pretty good feet that allow him to accelerate through holes and gain extra yards with his strong compact frame. He does have a lot of wear on his body from the last two years. He could be a productive back in the NFL, who although not a home run threat could punish defenses by picking up chunks of yardage at a time.

Tavon Austin Scouting Report

Tavon Austin 5-9 175 Sr West Virginia
• Versatile player: receiver, running back, return man
• Elite quickness and elusiveness
• Great acceleration
• Can make defenders miss
• A dangerous threat after the catch
• Good body control, looks for ball in air and can adjust
• Good reliable hands
• When running with the ball shows good patience and uses downfield blockers well
• Shows good vision
• Shows great speed and can run away from defenders.

• Goes down easily at first contact
• Needs to expand routes at next level
• Has below average size for position
• Not asked to block much
Bottom Line
Tavon Austin is an explosive athlete. He is a very versatile player. He lacks the ideal size for a receiver but his elite athletic ability compensates for that in many ways. In the right system he can cause a lot of problems for the defense and projects to be a late first round pick. He is a multidimensional weapon.

Terrance Williams Scouting Report

Terrance Williams 6-2 210


He has good height for an NFL receiver. He has a solidly built frame. He is able to absorb contact and hang onto the ball.


He shows good straight line speed. He demonstrates the ability to get separation.

Yards after catch

He is a threat after the catch to make a play in the open field. He has solid lateral agility for the position. He is not going to juke out half the defense, but he is very adept at catching the ball and immediately turning up field to gain positive yards and he uses his speed well. He has some wiggle and can make a defender miss. He shows good burst and quickness as well. Did have a few fumbles after the catch.

Route running

He consistently is able to get inside position on slant and post routes. He has a quick first step off of the line of scrimmage. He ran a variety of routes at Baylor. He can get separation from the defender. He can find the holes in the defense and sit down in them. He didn’t have to deal with press coverage much at Baylor. He will need to adjust to it at the next level.


Consistently uses hands to catch the ball. Occasionally he will drop a ball or two. Overall he has very reliable hands. He is able to high point the ball and adjust to the ball in the air.


He is a willing blocker on the edge. At times his hands get wide.

Awareness/Body Control

He has very control. He is able to find the ball and  adjust to it in the air. He can drag his foot in bounds close to the sideline.


Terrence  Williams was a three year starter at wide receiver for the Bears. As a Senior he caught 95 passes for over 1700 yards.

Bottom Line

He has good size and speed. He has good hands and has shown the ability to make plays after the catch. He is a good all-around receiver prospect and should be drafted early in the second round. With a good offseason his stock could rise and he could get into the 1st round.

Geno Smith Scouting Report

Geno-SmithGeno Smith Senior QB West Virginia

Athletic Ability/Mobility

He has an athletic frame and good height for the position. He has some room to grow into his frame a bit. He is an above average athlete for his position. He has the ability to buy time with his legs and keep eyes downfield or gain positive yards with his feet.

Pocket Presence

He is willing to hang in the pocket and take a hit while delivering the ball downfield.  He has shown the ability to step up in the pocket and reset his feet. At times, he hangs onto the ball too long in the pocket.


He features an over the top throwing motion. He has a quick release and a high release point.  When given time, he sets his feet, transfers his body weight, and delivers ball accurately.  At times his feet get a little happy in the pocket while he is going through his progressions. At times under pressure he has a tendency to fall off of his back foot causing the ball to sail.

Decision Making

Often times he has a quick read or an underneath read. He has shown the ability to work through progressions. He has shown the ability to pick up blitzing linebackers and make the necessary read and throw. He occasionally stares down his receivers.  At times he forces balls into coverage late and allows a defender to make a play on the ball.

Arm Strength

He shows above average arm strength and can make all of the necessary NFL throws. He can stretch the filed as well as deliver balls into tight coverage underneath and down the middle.


He shows good accuracy on short and intermediate routes. He shows good touch on screen and swing passes as well. He flashes good touch on his deep ball. At times floats the ball a bit down-field. Shows good touch on fade routes when he plants and delivers the ball.


Geno Smith had a very productive career at West Virginia.  He was a three year starter for the Mountaineers. As a senior he threw 40 touchdown passes.

Bottom Line

Geno Smith had a tremendous senior season in Dana Holgerson’s spread offense. He has good physical tools to be a successful NFL starter. He shows good poise in the pocket and although he is an above average athlete is reluctant to break from the pocket. He can stretch the filed with his arm or carve up the defense underneath and down the middle. Although he played mostly out of the shotgun in college he has the skill-set to become a solid all-around NFL quarterback.

Mike Glennon Scouting Report

mike glennonMike Glennon Sr. QB NC State
Athletic Ability/Mobility
Good overall height, however frame is a bit lanky. He can slide a few steps under pressure to buy time. He is also effective rolling out and throwing on the run. Also while scrambling keeps eyes down-field looking to make a play.
Pocket Presence
He can step up in the pocket or sidestep pressure and reset his feet and deliver the ball down-field. Not afraid to hang tall in the pocket and take a hit as he delivers the ball down-field. Senses pressure and can scramble to the edge look to make a play with his arm. At times he holds onto the ball to long while looking to make a play and this results in taking unneeded sacks and a few fumbles.
He features an over the top throwing motion. When given time plants foot steps into throw and delivers the ball. His footwork can get sloppy under pressure.
Decision Making
He consistently works through progressions and utilizes short routes and check down routes when necessary. At times he throws the ball late and this results in pass deflections and interceptions. Shows the awareness to throw the ball away when under pressure and all options are covered.
Arm Strength
He shows good arm strength and the ability to make all of the necessary throws at the next level. He can throw balls into tight windows on short and intermediate routes. He can stretch he field with his arm.
He has been inconsistent with intermediate and deep routes. At times misses wide to the sidelines. He has to combat many dropped balls during the games that I watched. He has flashed good accuracy and ball placement at times on deep outs, posts ,crossing routes and slants. At times needs to put a little air on or off of passes. At times has receivers open but he doesn’t drill it into the spot. Other times throws the ball on a line which results in an overthrow.

Mike Glennon was a two year starter for the Wolfpack who took over for Russell Wilson after he decided to pursue his baseball career.
Bottom Line
Mike Glennon had flashes where he could make great decisions and reads and deliver pinpoint passes into tight windows. Other times he would throw late or hang onto the ball too long into the pocket which would lead to negative plays. He also struggled with overall consistency with his accuracy down-field. This was in part a result of a good amount of drops from receiving core and also his inconsistent footwork. He has the height, arm strength, awareness, toughness, and pocket presence to be an NFL starter. He just needs to be a more consistent Quarterback at the next level.